I have trained Internal Martial Arts with my Sifu Master Li Tai Liang since 1997, becoming his formal disciple "tudi" in November of 1998.

I have trained these arts continously until present with the last four years of my training helping teach at his school each week and doing private classes each Friday until end of summer 2015. I focused heavily on "Cheng shi" Baguazhang but have also trained Che Shi Xing Yi Quan, Dai Xin Yi, Weaponry, Qi Qong, Northern Shaolin and several styles of Tai Ji very deeply.

These systems are very specialized and take much time and effort in developing any real skill, even now I work to get better even after training diligently for 20 years as of this writing. Prior to training with Sifu Li, I trained Choy Lay Fut since 1991

Below some pictures and history from long ago... Sifu John - Li Jing Gong

More Certification 2012

Me Master Li 2001

Bagua Training 1998

Me Sifu Li and his son Mark 1997

My old Kung Fu brother and best friend Mike Beato, he coaches Choy Lay Fut in CA. Anyone who wants to learn he can be reached at Xsammx429x@gmail.com
Watch Mike Beato Choy Lay Fut Demo: