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Dong Hai Chuan is the founder of the style and dates back to the early 1800's. Cheng Ting Hua was Dong Hai Chuans student in 1876. My Master Li Tai Liangs Bagua lineage is from Wong Rong Tang, who was a student of Cheng Ting Huas nephew Yang Ming Shan.

Baguazhang uses circular walking methods and many palm techniques to defeat the opponent. It is an evasive and guerilla style of combat, designed to fight multiple opponents. The system contains 8 animal palms, 8 big palms, the old 8 palms, Linking palms, 64 palms, and other training methods.

Power in Bagua is achieved thru the walking turning actions and Dan Tian power, the arms and body are like rope twisting and wrapping. Cheng Bagua has a heavy "shuaio Jiao" Chinese wrestling influence. Bagua technique is like the falling snow the technique is everywhere. The basics of the system is the "single palm change" this is the root of Bagua. This palm is very famous and if practiced correctly you can defeat the opponent using just this one palm.

My Sifu Li Tai Liang also learned Bagua from Grandmaster Zhang Fung Jing. This style of bagua pre-dates Dong Hai Chuan and is simply known as old Bagua or Taoist Bagua. He also learned Bagua from his father, Li Shi Quan and his father's teacher, Bu Xue Kuan. Master Li is also a closed door disciple of Wang Rong Tang (1913-present), who was a disciple of Yang Ming Shan. Yang Ming Shan was a disciple of Cheng Ting Hua, who learned his Bagua from Dong Hai Chuan, the art's founder.